"What Did He Say" REMASTERED Digital Download


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-07-Victor L. Wooten_A Chance
-04-Victor L. Wooten_Cherokee
-02-Victor L. Wooten_What Did He Say_
-19-Victor L. Wooten_What Did He Say_ (LIVE in Europe)
-06-Victor L. Wooten_The Loneliest Monk
-05-Victor L. Wooten_Don't Wanna Cry
-03-Victor L. Wooten_What You Won't Do
-01-Victor L. Wooten_yo victa
-08-Victor L. Wooten_radio W-OO-10
-10-Victor L. Wooten_Bro. John
-09-Victor L. Wooten_Norwegian Wood
-11-Victor L. Wooten_Naima
-13-Victor L. Wooten_My Life
-14-Victor L. Wooten_The Sojourn Of Arjuna
-15-Victor L. Wooten_buzz ntro
-12-Victor L. Wooten_Sometimes I Laugh
-18-Victor L. Wooten_Heaven Is Where The Heart Is
-17-Victor L. Wooten_kids didn't change
-16-Victor L. Wooten_A Little Buzz

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-AAC (iTunes/iPod compatible)
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless

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